Stet by Ria Bacon

Friday, November 19, 2004

.........ECUADOR ALERT (1-0) .......

Got an internal UN alert this afternoon stating that current operations were suspended given the current situation.


Did an immediate google news search, hoping to get the inside poop on the latest coup d'état. This is what I found:

Brazil doesn't care about defeat at Ecuador

Parreira plays down Brazil's defeat

Ecuador shocks Brazil

Soccer: Night of emotions and upsets

OK, I get the picture. It's like the mails we get informing us that due to Director P's absence this weekend, Rodrigo Blogs will be Officer-In-Charge from Friday 17:30 to Monday 08:30. Always makes me imagine Rodrigo sitting by the phone all the weekend just in case there's a new outbreak of avian infuenza that requires some rapid reaction PR. Poor Blog kids...