Stet by Ria Bacon

Saturday, January 15, 2005

(Another) Perfect Day

I open the windows, throw open the shutters and groan,
"Not another fucking perfect morning!"
Morning in Rome
Winter is so much easier in Rome than in northern Europe. Ahhh ... fresh cornetti and a doppio espresso and then I'm ready for anything, or at least a trip to the supermarket with two unwilling children. I only managed to persuade them to come by saying I needed their help to get the ingredients (chocolate!) to make brownies for my birthday celebration this afternoon.

They love cooking with me. When they first started, I instructed them that the first thing to do was to choose the music. So now we boogie round the kitchen in our matching aprons while we cook pancakes or pasta together.

Today, we cooked to
Onda Sonora: Red Hot & Lisbon.
Onda Sonora
We skipped the fados and boogied to Bonga Angola.