Stet by Ria Bacon

Monday, January 10, 2005

Television rots your brain

The truth is out. Patrick Le Lay, the head of French channel TF1, one of the largest television channels in Europe, describes how the job of TF1 is to sell stuff. It's a commercial channel, so that's Ok. But what about the viewer?
Nos émissions ont pour vocation de le rendre disponible : c'est-à-dire de
le divertir, de le détendre pour le préparer entre deux messages. Ce que nous
vendons à Coca-Cola, c'est du temps de cerveau humain disponible.
(Source: Télérama)
So there you have it. The role of TV is to soften up your brain for those cute and clever ads. In Italy, of course, even the ads suck. And all the money goes to Berlusconi anyway, owner of four-fifths of Italy (his brother owns the rest).