Stet by Ria Bacon

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Via Crucis

Talking of creepy images (see yesterday), here's a few from the "Way of the Cross" ceremony at the Colosseum last Friday night.

Glow in the dark priests
I had to attach my special "Righteous light" filter to get this effect.Glow in the dark priests

Creepy people

A group of tiny Paraguayan hitmen from Opus Dei performing an initiation rite.Creepy people
The main event inside the Colosseum
Broadcast on giant video screens to us plebs outside the Colosseum.
Stations of the cross
The burning cross
Not at all disturbing? Maybe it's just my own hangup with flaming torch parades (Nuremburg!) , hooded cloaks and burning crosses (KKK!).
Burning cross
The Pope watching TV
Only backshots, to hide the breathing tube inserted in his recent tracheotomy operation.
Pope watching TV
He looked very lonely.