Stet by Ria Bacon

Friday, July 15, 2005

Let a thousand fountains spray

One of the best day trips out of Rome is to Tivoli, perched on a steep hillside to the east of the capital. Once in Tivoli, the place to go is Villa d'Este, home to various cardinals and Franz Liszt, lucky bleeders one and all. The gardens boast of containing one thousand fountains, but you'll forget about counting once you start visiting this giardino delle meraviglie.

Sinking ship Spouting dragons

Big fountain

Following standard practice in Italy, there are no signs or any information that might prove useful in telling you about what you are looking at, e.g. Ruined rubble, possibly old. The statue below is probably of Artemis, and those "nodes" are either multiple breasts or bulls' testes, according to differing traditions.

Villa d'Este fountain - small

(Hmm, curious to see if I get any referrals via "bulls' testes".)

Final pic is an upside-down reflection of the villa in one of the large fishponds. I title it,

Portrait of the artist of the floating world

Villa d'Este reflection - small